Hey everyone!

Sorry about the “brief” break here on Chaos Regnum (By “brief,” I mean almost five years).

So, to honor the first blog post in 2017 (and in five years), I would like to introduce y’all to something that I call Hamilton: An American Musical.

Tickets to this very well-composed hip-hop/rap and history combination sell like hot cakes. Yes, I would LOVE to see Hamilton. No, this is not an infomercial.

So, Hamilton is a very successful musical about the life of the “ten-dollar Founding Father without a father”— Alexander Hamilton. 

Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the cast is of mixed cultures— specifically Latin Americans  and African-Amercians. 

It begins with Hamilton immigrating to the US from his birthplace: Charlestown, St. Kitts and Nevis. He actually wrote a collection about his struggles on the island, which enabled Hamilton to receive a ride “on a ship that was New York-bound.” 
Y’all are probably wondering, “Annie, why are you writing a blog post about this play?”

I’m blogging about Hamilton because it is the only music that I have been listening to for almost a month, and I am obsessed with it. 

AND– Hamilton: An American Musical is performing in Chicago!!

I hope that I’ll be lucky enough to see the production, as some of my closest friends have already seen it or will see the play soon. 

So, that’s all for today folks!

I’m going to leave you with some wise words from Aaron Burr:

“Talk less. Smile more. Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.” (Quote from “Aaron Burr, Sir”)
-Annimal 🙂

In the city that we live in, there aren’t a lot of car washes that you stay in the car during the actual car wash. The only ones that you stay in the car are at gas stations. Before I get into the point of this post, we have this nickname for my mom. We started calling her the nickname because one day we were driving to church and we passed by a gas station she always goes to. She said, “That’s my gas station!” We all knew what she meant (that she just goes there to get gasoline for her car, not that she owns it) but we made a joke saying that her name was the name the inside of the gas station store was called (the store was a person’s first name). Now we joke around and her new nickname is the name of the gas station store.

Now, lets get to the funny part. About a month after we got a new nickname for my mom, I was driving to Starbucks with her to get her regular latte (7 pump peppermint latte. I know, that’s a LOT of peppermint). Across the street from the Starbucks is that exact gas station (that has the car wash you stay in the car for) and she asked me if we could get a quick wash for the car. I said yes because I never get to be in the “Stay-in-the-car car wash”. When we get into the car wash I start screaming the nickname for my mom over and over again.

Okay here is the part you have all been waiting for:

My mom says, “Maggie! Be quiet and enjoy the car wash!”

People have asked where blog updates have been, well as you can see we’ve been a little busy



I’m finally 11! Geez, I was tired of 10. I went through downtown with my family. I asked my mom if it was ok going to Hugo’s Frog Bar for dinner. Luckily, I got a steak…What? I LOVE steak! All I asked for was some art stuff. And I got an easel!!



I also got some paints and such.

I like the storage.

I like the storage.

I’m really happy I got into art.

I painted a cute horse with acrylics.

cute little guy!

cute little guy!

Ah, well, that’s all I got to say about that!

See ya!

Well, summer is here and I got to say, a TON of lacrosse for Jimmy. On the days we are not busy, I wanted to do something for me. Two words. Art. Camp. I am getting really interested in sketching. I am doing a class in a lady’s basement with seven other kids. Another kid and I were new to this camp so we started off by sketching a cat and I think I did pretty well. We would go to an easel and there would be a piece of cardboard on the easel and there would be an example and a blank piece of paper taped right next to it. The teacher already drew the lines on the papers so that it would be easier. She would come around every now and then to see how all of us were doing. She gave me a few corrections, but that is better I guess. When we are all done with a sketch, we will show it to her. Then when she says it is okay, we will go to a table, pick out something to sketch (I chose flowers), tear out a piece of sketch paper from our sketch book, and draw the lines and get started. I didn’t get very far on my flowers though, but I will finish them probably next week. This camp is every Monday for like 7 or 8 weeks. I am telling you one thing. I am doing that camp next year. It is so fun!

Aunt Jill, I have to hang out with you more often!  🙂


Here is my cat when all done! YAY!

The moo is out!!

Since I am in 5th grade, my spring break is a lot different than yours. My language arts teacher gave us an assignment to pick a rubber ducky and take it around where ever you go. It is odd, I know, but it is a great project and everybody loves it.

So what happens is that my language arts teacher has a box full of rubber duckies and she calls each of us up to grab one out of the box. You will also have to name it.  If you really, really like your duck, then you will pay 50 cents to the teacher until a certain date and then she will give you the “OFFICIAL DUCKY ADOPTION PAPERS”. Odd name of those papers, I know. Anyways, over spring break you will have your duck and we get a journal with 15 pages and YOUR DUCK will write them. Not really, you’ll write it as if you are the duck. Well, you have to take 5 pictures of your duck or with your duck and at the end of spring break, you will send them to the teacher. At school after spring break, we will go to the computer lab and create a movie with all of the pictures we took and add captions and what you did. When everything is finished, you will present the movie to the class.

Oh and about my duck…

My duck’s name is Beaches because he is a duck that holds a beach ball.

I already adopted him, but I haven’t gotten the “OFFICIAL DUCKY ADOPTION PAPERS”


So that is the Fifth grade spring break for me, and it is pretty awesome!

A few days ago, Maggie Moo and I were running errands and spotted a yellow VW Bug. She shouted "yellow one!" and began to share her thoughts on her upcoming tenure as a driver, a career still 6 years away from commencing (thankfully).

Moo: "Dad, I know what kind of car I’m going to get."

Me: "Yeah?"

Moo: "A yellow one"

Me: "Interesting"

Moo: "Yes, that will be a my first car. I don’t care which one, just yellow. So people see me."

Me: "Are you saving your money?"

Moo: "Huh?"

Me: "Are you saving your money? How are you going to buy the car?"

Moo: "You are!"

"Dad, your iPad game is wrong because it asks for the largest country in Africa and says Sudan is the answer but now that South Sudan has its independence, Algeria should have been the answer."

Imagine what will happen after she turns 9.

Tonight while watching a beach volleyball featuring the U.S. men playing Latvia, the following exchange occurred:

The Boy: “Dad, where are the Latvians from?”

Me: “Latvia. [sensing weakness I go in for the ego kill] Annie, where is Latvia?”

Annie: “It is near Russia, Lithuania, and Estonia.”

The Boy: “Thanks Dad”

Me: “Annie what is the capital of Estonia?”

Annie: “Tallinn”

Me: “Annie what is the capital of Lithuania?”

Annie: “Vilnius”

The Boy: “piling on Dad..”

Annie: “Dad?”

Me: “Yes sweets?”

Annie: “The capital of Latvia is Riga”

The Boy: “ugh”

We love the Olympics.

Staying at the Outer Banks was wonderful! Our view was great and I have great memories to tell! About everyday, we would swim in our pool! Our pool was a nice size for all of us too! Annie, George, and I started a shell collection. I have 83 shells! We also went to the Currituck Lighthouse! We went to a little gift shop there. I got a statue of the lighthouse and a necklace with the light house on it. My mom, Annie, Joannie, and I went on a tour to see the wild horses in Corolla. Our tour guide, Gary, was a great guide. He taught us a lot about horses. We saw a lot  of horses, so that was good! Oh, did you know that a wild horse’s jaw is so powerful that it could bite your hand off? And, that it’s leg is so powerful that it’s kick is just like someone hitting you with a baseball bat as hard as they can? Once we got back to the Tara (Tara is the house we stayed in!), Thomas said, “I missed you guys!” Also, Andrew gave me a big hug! Then, we went to the beach and Sammy ran up to the waves that were going to splash him! I also got some more shells! It felt good to go to see the ocean everyday! Oh, and I forgot to tell you this, when we first got to Tara, I told my mom that this was the first time in 5 years we’ve seen the ocean because we used to live in New Jersey! Sammy was so good during that trip that he needs a reward! Well, all of the boys should! They were all very good! When we pulled out of the driveway to go to Indiana, Thomas started crying and said,”I’m gonna miss you guys!” I’m going to miss those boys! Thank you Sr. Mary Grace for telling us about Tara, because we wouldn’t have had a great vacation without you telling us! Oh, and thank you Grandpa for paying to do this!